Tom Tyler

Red-haired blue eyed, fair skin, Tyler is a typical Englishman who has to watch out for sun burn. He has gained respect in his job with the Shropshire constabulary, first at the small town of Whitchurch, later in Ludlow. However, he can hardly bear to admit even to himself that he is restless and unhappy. He married in haste and pays the price. He loves his two children, but like a lot of men of his generation, he does not find it easy to communicate with his only son. Easier with his daughter. His relationship with his wife, is sour and fractious. When an old love re-enters his life, Tyler’s world is turned upside down. Add to that, the necessity of keeping law and order during a time of war. Even in rural Shropshire, crime happens.

For a brief period of time, he accepts a secondment to Birmingham where he endures the heavy bombing raids as he attempts to get to the bottom of a fatal explosion in a munitions factory.

Scarred by tragedy in his own life, by the second year of the raging war, he accepts a new position in another town. Only there for three days, he has to deal with perhaps the worst case of his career.