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less than 90 days to publication of the first Murdoch novel in 10 years

Official Press release for the start of production for season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries

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Dead Ground In Between is a finalist for Best Novel of the year - Canadian Crimewriters

The latest Tom Tyler novel is shortlisted for best novel by a Canadian Crime Writer.

Description of the new Murdoch novel - “Let Darkness Bury The Dead”

It is November 1917. The Great War is grinding on, chewing up young men by the thousands. Initially, in the loyal Dominion of Canada, people are mostly eager to support the Motherland and fight for the Empire. Men perceived as slackers or cowards are shunned. But the carnage is horrendous and with enforced conscription, the [...]

The amazing cover art for the next Murdoch Mystery

The short story Viaticum in development for a feature short film

Exciting news, a short story Maureen wrote back in 1998 is in development for a feature short film. Production is tentatively planned for late this Spring. Maureen is co writer of the script. More details to follow soon.
You can read the original publication of Viaticum in 1998 here in Taddle Creek Press.

Maureen pens a poem inspired by the tragic events recently in London

©Maureen Jennings 2017

I AM THE BOY ON THE BUS. (March 23, 2017)
I am the boy on the bus
Who begged his mother to sit on the upper level
So he could see the river.
He says, Thames as if the t-h is pronounced hard
Like, ‘the.’
I am the girl skipping beside her tall father
Who is in a hurry.
I am [...]

Murdoch Mysteries picks up 5 Canadian Screen awards and is also renewed for season 11

Murdoch Mysteries won 5 Canadian Screen awards in the categories of writing, highest rated drama in Canada for 2016 and the Golden Screen Award. Congrats to the entire team.
CBC also announced it was renewing the show for another season, which will include 18 episodes plus a 2 hour Christmas Special.

Just announced…. the Canadian Guest of Honour at Left Coast Crime 2019

Link here for the complete details

The next Detective William Murdoch Mystery novel - Let Darkness Bury The Dead…

After writing four WW2 novels featuring DCI Tom Tyler, after a 10 year hiatus, there will be a new Detective Murdoch mystery novel.
The famous detective, now 23 years older since we last saw him, has had many changes in his life since A Journeyman to Grief, and is needed to solve a case set in [...]