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Maureen will be appearing at Read By The Sea on July 11 in Nova Scotia

Check out the details here for her appearance at Read by the Sea

William Shatner guest stars in Murdoch Season 9 as Mark Twain

Toronto Star article here

Maureen selected by the Province of Prince Edward Island to be their One Book One Island author for 2015

No Known Grave nominated for Best Novel by the Crime Writers of Canada

The third Tom Tyler mystery has been nominated for Best Novel by the Crime Writers of Canada. The presentation wll be on May 28 in Toronto.

Season 8 of Murdoch Mysteries on CBC finishes with shocking cliff hanger

Maureen and the writers will be hard at work on Season 9 when it goes into production this Spring. For an interesting interview with Show Runner Peter Mitchell on all of season 8 and what we can expect from season 9 link here

Murdoch Mysteries is now airing on WABC tv in the greater New York area

Tune in or tape the show every Saturday at 2:05 am on WABC. Link here for details

Murdoch Mysteries renewed for season 9!!!!!

Production begins in the Spring for another 18 episodes of CBC’s most popular drama series!!!

Beautiful new DVD set of the original movies of the week

Acorn TV is releasing a new set of DVD’s which contain the original three movies of the week, adaptations of Except The Dying, Under The Dragon’s Tail, and Poor Tom is Cold, the first three Murdoch novels. The third in the series was so popular for Bravo/CITY television, they decided to order a whole series [...]

Bomb Girls wins Canadian Screen Award for best “Movie of the week”

Back Alley Films was presented with the Canadian Screen Award in the gala presentation at Roy Thompson Hall.
Congrats go to Maureen and Debi Drennan who created the story idea together for the series, and both worked as Creative Consultants on the show over the three year run. Maureen’s research of munitions factories during WW2 for [...]

Great Interview with Maureen on the creation and adaptation of “Shipwreck” for TV

Read it here