Murdoch Mysteries renewed for season 9!!!!!

Production begins in the Spring for another 18 episodes of CBC’s most popular drama series!!!

Beautiful new DVD set of the original movies of the week

Acorn TV is releasing a new set of DVD’s which contain the original three movies of the week, adaptations of Except The Dying, Under The Dragon’s Tail, and Poor Tom is Cold, the first three Murdoch novels. The third in the series was so popular for Bravo/CITY television, they decided to order a whole series for broadcast which became the current and popular Murdoch Mysteries tv series. You can order this set here

Bomb Girls wins Canadian Screen Award for best “Movie of the week”

Back Alley Films was presented with the Canadian Screen Award in the gala presentation at Roy Thompson Hall.

Congrats go to Maureen and Debi Drennan who created the story idea together for the series, and both worked as Creative Consultants on the show over the three year run. Maureen’s research of munitions factories during WW2 for the novel Beware This Boy, set in Birmingham UK during the Blitz, assisted in creating the story idea on the Canadian home front for Bomb Girls.

Great Interview with Maureen on the creation and adaptation of “Shipwreck” for TV

Read it here

Preview of Shipwreck replete with interviews and commentary from Maureen and the cast

Maureen with her star on the occasion of Episode 100 this past Summer

Happy Thursday! We ?? this photo of Maureen and Yannick. #murdochmysteries

Une photo publiée par Murdoch Mysteries (@murdochmysteriesfanpage) le

Fantastic Interview on Murdoch and Tyler

In the USA, Ovation Has Strong Year In 2014, Eyes February Debut For ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ Season 8

the 18 episode eighth season of the UKTV/CBC/ITVSGE/Shatesbury Films co-production Murdoch Mysteries (known as The Artful Detective on Ovation) will debut on Saturday February 21st at 7/6c

Exciting news from Finland for the Murdoch Mysteries TV series

As of November 2014, the series has become incredibly popular in Finland. The episode aired on November 17, 2014, reached a viewership of 0.485 million, making it the most watched foreign TV program of the week in Finland, soundly beating even the hugely popular Downton Abbey (0.42 million viewers).[14] The episode in question was viewed by 8.87 % of the entire population.

Alibi sets UK Premiere Date For Murdoch Mysteries season 8

The eighth season of Murdoch Mysteries will receive its UK premiere on Alibi on Monday January 26th at 9pm, it has been announced.

Based on the series of novels by Maureen Jennings, Murdoch Mysteries is set at the turn of the 20th century and revolves around Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto constabulary, who uses ground-breaking forensic techniques to close his cases. The drama series is produced by Canadian production company Shaftesbury Films in association with UKTV, CBC & ITV Studios Global Entertainment and stars Yannick Bisson, Thomas Craig, Helene Joy, Jonny Harris and Georgina Reilly.